Tell that Fear, Bye!

We all have our skeletons from the past; big or small. I like to think that I have successfully released the past and that it doesn’t affect me today – but I’m going to be very real here for a moment. WOAH…Did this last week’s life lesson challenge me. A HUGE fear of mine that has been buried for, eh, six years now (yikes) had crawled out of my deepest place and slapped me right in the face. After allowing (yes, we are in charge) this fear to control and affect all parts of my life for the past week, I woke up this morning and decided that it will not and cannot be a part of me anymore. I am choosing love.

It is a simple choice either way; fear or love. I allowed this fear to take over my being – it affected my sleep, my laughter, my date nights out, and my alone time. WHAT. THE. HECK. I know that I am in control and this ‘fear’ is just a thought gone wrong, a memory from the past, and I still allowed a week of misery to exist because of it. Ugh, Why? In The Universe has your Back, they talk about our good parts and bad parts; although the good part of me is filled with love, light-energy, and peace; a small not-so-good part was filled with an addiction to the ego, to the fear, to the thoughts that ‘I don’t want to be free of this. I can’t give up control.’ and I allowed them to take over. I allowed myself to get lost in the belief that ‘this pain has a purpose’… **Thank you Gabrielle Bernstein for helping me understand this**

The only purpose this fear from the past has today is to GTFO; you know what I’m sayin’?

In Gabrielle Bernstein’s book The Universe has your Back, she has an amaaazing chapter on this. My understanding of what she’s said is as follows:

‘Heal the resistance’; the resistance of that not-so-good part of us that pushes away our freedom, love, happiness, and power. Rather than judging ourselves for the fear and past; be thankful for our healing and allow the addiction to fear to eliminate by noticing what it is we are holding on to. I forgive myself, and I now allow myself to be free of the past and of all of my fears.  AHHHHHH, that’s better 🙂

Going forward, I challenge myself (and you) to these four things when fears arise:

  • Notice what parts of ourselves we are resisting love from reaching, and let the bugger go.
  • Release control of everything and everyone – controlling does not prevent situations from happening or ‘stop’ the outcome of the fear; control itself is the fear.
  • Engage in activities that promote inspiration and happiness (outdoor activities, brunch with a friend, workout, etc.) Don’t allow ourselves to engage in limitless hours in the world of social media (where fear and judgment are often present). I didn’t bring my phone to work today (which means no apps to scroll through), and the freedom of being unplugged feels great; do it!
  • LAUGH!! Like really, really laugh – especially when life is feeling serious (fear).



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