Butterfly: The art of transformation; a symbol of change, joy and color; moving through different life cycles; lightness of being, playfulness; spiritual growth. While hiking Bear Butte, I was greeted by eight butterflies – a noticeable appearance. Thank you, Universe/God/Creator! The shift I have felt since that day has both shocked and humbled me.

Of course, it took a few days after this experience for all of my shtuff to come up that I am now ready to leave behind, and man did it (the shtuff) come up strong (THANK YOU for treading through that with me, Ben xo) – ahhhh, I understand why the butterfly came to me now. For the past few months…ok, years, I have been searching for ways and people to fulfill my soul and the spiritual side of my life. In other words: I have been looking for a person or a thing to make me feel a certain way, to help me feel purpose, to help me feel good. <– EXACTLY how I’ve lived my life for 25 years; changing nothing except the realization of what makes my soul sing and that I want more of it.

Butterfly wants me to follow my spirit; follow my guides. “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. THIS is the message butterfly was sent with for me.

Allowing ourselves to experience things exactly as they are; for what we see externally mirrors what we have within us. Wherever we were on this journey yesterday or wherever we want to be tomorrow are both irrelevant, all we have is the teacher of the present moment. It is so common to compare ourselves in the world today. Compare ourselves to who we were last year, what we accomplished, or how we looked in that one photo…why? If we are spiritual beings having a human experience and our mirror is reflecting comparison, judgment, and upset with either ourselves or others, what part of our spirit needs attention and healing?

RELEASE the need for fear; the need for comparisons; the need for anything that doesn’t mirror your true self. Fear and love cannot mutually exist in your being – you constantly are choosing one or the other. Embody and trust your current teacher; that voice inside of you that knows how you truly feel, what you truly want, and guides you to your next step.

The feelings of joy, release, lightness and happiness I have felt for the past 24 hours have been unbelievable! I am overjoyed to step into my next life cycle. THANK YOU, butterfly, for your message! THANK YOU, spirit, for opening up to change, accepting the message, and releasing 25 years of fear. THANK YOU, Universe. ❤

A dear friend/teacher of mine told me that ‘nothing in life is coincidence’. What gifts and/or messages from the Universe are you chalking up to ‘coincidence’?



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