Hiiii guys!! I have been completely missing in action for the past, ehhh 2 MONTHS?! My gosh, whoops!

For those of you who don’t know, a LOT has changed with me during this absence. First, I was selected to represent Wanderlust as a Wayfarer – I am SO grateful for the Universe for bringing this opportunity into my life. If you have questions about that please, please reach out to me! Secondly, I got ENGAGED to the most amazing, humble, handsome, smart, adventurous, etc. etc. man on this earth on December 1st! & with this engagement came our new baby (puppy not human), Royce! He is a golden retriever and I am obsessed with him.

SO, my life was completely shaken up (in the best way!) and I did NOT make the time to write! Ugh I missed it so much – writing is a huge release for me; I am happy to be back and inspired to pick up my pen this morning 🙂

I want to talk about balance. Everyone has a different recipe of what works for them in regards to balance, but one thing we all have in common is if our balance ‘ingredients’ are not in the order they need to be, we are allll out of whack.

ESPECIALLY in the past two months, I have realized how important it is to figure out what balance means for me. Raising a puppy is a major life-adjustment; getting engaged is a major life adjustment; having a part-time job is a major life adjustment; & planning a wedding is a major life adjustment. All of which I LOVE…but it did force me to re-evaluate my balance.

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this post last Tuesday morning (2/13/18) and THAT NIGHT the flu hit me like a brick wall (& lasted 8 days)….I find that to be absolutely hilarious (not fun though) and a sign from the Universe all at the same time (because I don’t believe anything is ironic). Of course the day that ‘balance’ pops into my head my body gives me the BIGGEST sign in the world that I need to re-create my balance; what better way to have time to evaluate this than to be on bed-rest for 8 days?

I am finally feeling much better today and have re-evaluated what I need in my life as far as balance goes.

Here’s what I came up with over this past week on how to stay in balance:

  1. Stress-Relievers. Whether this be yoga, writing, singing, crossfit, playing guitar, painting, you get the jist..relieving stress is the most important thing you can do. You need to give your mind, body and spirit this time; every single day if possible (which it is – if you think you “don’t have time” or it’s “impossible” then you need this 2x)!
  2. Make a list of what you would like to accomplish that day and stick to it. If you feel like you never have time to work out anymore, put it on that list. There’s some sort of satisfaction that comes with crossing something off of a list.
  3. Say NO to things/events/people that aren’t in alignment with your vision. Don’t be afraid of FOMO. You are enough; do you 🙂
  4. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to make big changes for yourself. Don’t be afraid if people come and go from your life; those that stay are meant to be there. Don’t be afraid to eat a kale salad for lunch and a donut for dinner. Don’t be afraid of anything.
  5. Gratitude. Expressing gratitude will allow you to re-vamp your time to balance what you already have & make room for the newness you desire. Write down three things you’re grateful for every morning.
  6. Be yourself. The only person that needs your approval is you – stop doing sh*t you don’t really want to do (or not doing things you do want to do!) for outside approval. Seriously. STOP IT.

^^ These are on my to-do list every day now. Join Me!




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