Do you, Girl[Guy]

As I continue to grow into, and reveal the person I truly am, deep within my core; I’m realizing that sometimes being ME isn’t always what others like, think I should be like, or want. And you know what, that’s OK! <– this is the first time in my life that I feel this way.

Why I’m celebrating that I don’t give “af” what others think anymore (wahhooo!!) :

  • It feels GOOD! It feels good trusting my own intuition and making decisions that I know feel right for me, regardless of the opinions of others.


  • I’ve found that the people in my life who truly care about me and enjoy my presence are never offended by the decisions that I make – now, we may not always agree & that’s perfectly ok and good; but, it is never a problem for either party in any of my relationships to do what they want to do. We support one another and root for each other’s successes!


  • It’s empowering as HELL! Knowing that I have enough love within myself to not look outwards for acceptance on anything feels fricken amazing!


  • I feel more confident in all areas of my life when I make decisions that resonate with my true self – you know, that feeling inside of you that just feels RIGHT when you say, do, or act a certain way? Yeah, it’s nice 🙂


  • I feel good being W E I R D. I like my weird. I like that I meditate and know that energy is in every single thing on this earth. I like that I also like to have drinks with friends and stay up late making memories. I like that other people don’t necessarily like or agree with either of those things; and I like that I STILL feel good knowing that too!


  • I am feeling more gratitude for EVERYTHING in my life. It’s amazing when you start to live life according to your truest self, how you realize that the good (& not so good) in your life is created by you.


  • I’m finding joy in the friendships that I cherish, new friends coming into my life, and relationships that have faded a bit. I’m realizing that when I am feeling MY BEST, the people that add to that feeling are the ones that are appearing in my life and sticking around through thick and thin.


  • If I fall down, I am not afraid to ask for help getting back up (especially at our engagement shoot session) 🙂




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