I feel safest when I am able to be goofy. To be real. To have deep conversations about life/love/energy/manifestations + also conversations about pizza and what my dog did today….to grind my teeth because someone is so cute; to just genuinely be me. I don’t need excess amounts of things or people. I feel safest when I can FEEL the genuine-ness of someone; no comparisons, no judgments. I feel safe allowing me to embody more and more of my inner child.

There have been times (lots actually) where I feel I have hidden who I really am for fear of rejection or judgment; where I have not felt safe being myself. At parties, in classes, with friends, really anywhere. I would come home after a time where I wasn’t being myself, feeling so off, and wonder “why the heck didn’t I just act how I felt, or crack the jokes I wanted, or shut up and not engage in that certain conversation”. The only answer, is FEAR. Fear of not being enough THIS or enough THAT or too much THIS or too much THAT. (OK you get the picture). Fear of not being safe being me.

Then one day, I was laying in my bed and I decided, you know what….I don’t care anymore! I know who I am. I know what types of people I want to engage with and way of lifestyle I want to embody – and I don’t have to feel any way but real anymore. So I made a promise to myself: to be me.

+ let me tell you…..it is SO much more fun! I’m enjoying everything in my life so much more. I’m much more aware of slip-ups and quick to forgive myself. I’m not worried about what anyone will think when I post Instagram stories of everything I eat in a day (lol I like food, OK?); or like to enjoy drinks one night and meditate the next; or post blogs about intimate topics/topics others may think are “weird”. (Or write run-on sentences in my blog posts.) That’s fine! I’m myself when I’m with old friends, new friends, my fiancé, my dog, in an interview, dancing, talking too much, listening…it does not matter who it is or what I’m doing – I am me. I laugh at what I think is funny and stand up for what I feel I need to.

I feel SAFE in my home that I so gratefully get to live in every day; my body.

So…be you, please! I want to meet the inner child in you 💛



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