YOU GUYS….so I did a thing last work week. Well, actually, I started it Tuesday (almost the whole work week, right?) Anyways, I didn’t allow myself to check Facebook, Instagram or any other app I am in the habit of ‘scrolling’ through all day while at work and LET ME TELL YOU…….it mattered.

What I noticed while taking a social media detox from 8:30-4:30 for four days in a row:

– My overall happiness increased

– I didn’t worry about what anyone else was or wasn’t doing (I never really care, but not knowing makes it even easier)

– My mind was consumed with thoughts about things that MATTER to me in my life; things I want to bring more of into my life. I felt the creative juices flowing. I even started an accountability tracker for working out with a friend – B O O M.

– I felt much more present both with coworkers and with myself

– I worked out more and felt stronger while doing it (I have been feeling super exhausted lately and working out basically felt like a chore)

– I felt more confident physically, spiritually & emotionally

– The dark circles and puffiness under my eyes decreased

– A bigger awareness of how much that thing (iPhone) is in my hands a day was brought to my attention. There were MULTIPLE times each day where I would pick up my phone and subconsciously go to the Instagram app OR type ‘faceb’ into my browser and catch myself quickly before actually seeing anything. Craziness.


…… this all happened by reducing my screen time for just 4 DAYS. I’ve never considered myself someone who is addicted to their phone, aka a ‘scroller’; but damn. I work a desk job, it’s pretty easy to grab my phone any time I have down time or the second it goes off because it’s sitting right next to my keyboard. I got to the point where holding my phone started to make me feel sick, literally just blah, and that is what motivated me to do this. I know the importance of taking a break from social media. I’ve deliberately had SO many weekends where one night I turn my phone off & detox from social media and it feels great; but I never noticed how much I nonchalantly scroll through apps while at work without even noticing I’m doing it.

I challenge YOU to put your phone on airplane mode or lock your apps (even if it’s just for a few hours a day) and see how you feel. Maybe you aren’t a ‘scroller’ and won’t notice a difference; but in today’s world, I’ll bet that this makes a difference for you too.



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