I woke up this morning SO inspired to write….DANG! It’s been a while you guys.

I’ve been thinking a lot about who I’ve been; the different stages and people in my life who have seen all different phases of my evolving. I always find it so interesting when I think about people who knew me really well at a certain time in my journey, and may have a specific view or opinion of ‘who I am’. I’ve had the insecure phase, people-pleasing phase, comparative phase, sick phase, judgmental phase, “idgaf” phase, angry phase…you name it, and I’ve likely had a period of my life where that was my reality. As an example of  a not-so-good phase : I remember one specific time where I had a legitimate blowout fight [out loud in front of another person] with my boyfriend…a side of myself I didn’t know existed nor had ever seen. There were some MAJOR internal issues I had to face and conquer to clear out the root issue of what I was dealing with (and move forward as a more loving, level-headed person).

Think about when you were 10 years old; you are obviously very different now than you were then (mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.) …. but “technically” you are the same person, in the same body, with the same brain. I love this about us. We are always changing and ABLE to change, without leaving the body we were given. Only you know if you are living a life that suits you and fits your mold.

Do you feel great at your current job?

Do you feel great eating the foods you choose to eat?

Do you feel great around the people you choose to surround yourself with?

Do you feel great when you think about the way you communicate with people?

ETC. 🙂

These are all questions in which the answers should be Y E S !!! Think about allllll of your past experiences and phases that you’ve gone through. Write them down, and let them be the PAST. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter; where you’re at now is all that matters. Breathe it out, and let it feel good that you are no longer in any of those places.

Take a moment now to notice things that are currently going on that may not be in alignment with your best self. NOW, listen closely….write that s**t down, and rip that s**t up!!!! Flush it down the toilet if you have to. Why were you able to so easily write down the things that AREN’T in alignment with you and your happiness….. because these are things that bother you (+ you focus on) every day! They probably bothered you yesterday before reading this post, and the day before that too. These “things” are evoking EMOTION within you. The Universe is responding to that emotion and the energy behind it by saying “Ahhh, Claire seems to put high energy to and emotions about ____________, this must mean she wants more of that in her life”. No matter what…….whatever it is we’re focusing on is what will grow in our lives. Changing that focus to things we want, having MORE of this, or more of THAT – this is what will bring us to our next phase; a happier and better version of ourselves.

We can change and evolve every single day. I am not the person I was last week, and FOR SURE not the person I was one, two or three years ago. Growing and changing is GOOD!!! Am I at my absolute best version of my self today without other stages lying ahead? Heck no!!! There are always exciting things I can focus on to reach my new, better stage. Having the awareness to do this is what will lead us all to bliss.

Let me know the good things in your life you’re focusing on!!



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