INtuition. Emphasis on the ‘IN’. It is a gift that each of us are programmed with the second we are created. Tapping into this gift can make all of the difference in the world for your well-being and happiness! The best part about it is that you are the only one that knows what feels right for you; you are in complete control.

I learned an amazing tool for increasing my intuition from Joe Petroski. With his permission, I want to share that tool with all of you now 🙂

Whenever you are stuck wondering if you ‘should’ or ‘should not’ do something all you need are some post-it notes and a quiet space to tap into your intuition. Here is how this works:

  1. First, to get your intuition warmed up, grab two post-it notes. On one of the notes write an obviously true statement, and on the other write an obviously false statement. For example, when wearing a blue shirt, write on one note “My shirt is Blue” and on the other write “My shirt is Yellow”.
  2. Fold the post-it notes up and mix them around so you don’t know which one is which.
  3. Take three deep breaths, close your eyes, go within, and think of a time or place in which you felt complete happiness, safety, and contentment. Notice what this feeling is like in your body and all of your chakras.
  4. Grab the first post-it note, hold it up to your heart, and feel the sensations in your body. Set it aside, and come back to that time or place you thought of in the last step before feeling the other note. Then grab the other post-it note, hold that note up to your heart and see how this one feels.
  5. One note will feel really good when held up to your heart, and the other will feel not-so-good. (This takes some practice if you have never really tapped into your intuition – so don’t worry if it takes some time to feel a difference when first starting). For me my forehead (third eye chakra) feels very tight when something is false, and feels very open and relaxed when something is true.
  6. Open up the note that feels best and true to you – if it is the ‘My shirt is Blue’ note, that is great!! You are in touch with your intuition and ready 🙂

To use this same tactic with other life decisions there is a simple way of phrasing the statements so that no outside beliefs affect the outcome. The phrasing to use is this; ‘It is in my highest good to _______.’ and ‘It is not in my highest good to________.’ We want to use this phrasing instead of ‘I should’ or ‘It is bad for me’ or any of those types of phrases because those types of statements will reflect, in our subconscious, what we have learned from others or what those outside of you have told you to be true. We want to connect solely to our heart, intuition, and soul.

Joe and I created a video explaining this further on our Facebook page –> Post-It Notes. If you don’t have Facebook or can’t find this link, please reach out to either of us and we will be able to forward you the information.

Connecting to our highest good raises the vibration of our heart energy, which is when we feel our best and most safe; using this phrasing helps our intuition to guide us to this place. People often wonder why life doesn’t go the way they want; following our intuition and making positive choices for ourselves changes this!

I have used this tool SO many times – it has helped me with relationships, food choices, career paths, housing situations, you name it. If you have further inquiries about this tool, please reach out to either myself or Joe Petroski 🙂



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