That snort or high-pitched noise that happens when you try to breathe between uncontrollable laughter…you know what I mean (insert monkey with hands over eyes emoji), the stomach muscle ache after laughing too hard, the tears that roll down your face from something hilarious – I LOVE THESE MOMENTS!!! Have you ever seen the video of the bus that bursts out with laughter because just one person started laughing? You can’t help but laugh or at least smile yourself watching that, right? It’s contagious! And by all means, I’m willing to catch those vibes.

LAUGH!! Allow yourself to feel joy and think things are funny! It’s sooo easy to get caught up in the ‘seriousness’ of life. In the middle of an argument, now hear me out, seriously just try smiling or laughing. I guarantee you the intensity of whatever negative emotion you’re feeling will completely change. You accidentally run into something; laugh! You embarrass yourself in front of peers; laugh! Listen to a comedian in your car rather than the news! Laugh at work! Laugh at home! Laugh with friends; laugh alone!

There have been so many times in my life where I’ve shared a good laugh with someone and it not only connected me further with that person, it had a profound effect on my emotional AND physical being. Just think about it…you’re sitting on your couch after work and you haven’t laughed, let alone smiled, for at least a few hours. You for sure aren’t getting up from that couch or enjoying yourself anytime soon. Do you feel better in that state, or do you feel better smiling and laughing and having open heart energy?? I physically feel more energized when I’m smiling and open to seeing the humor in life; it makes me want to dance around and have fun. (Sounds cheesy, but it’s so true).


  • Pro Tip: Find someone who tells “Dad jokes”- they’re the best! Or in my case, ask your boyfriend 😉 (Ben, not making fun of you, really love your jokes! xo)



For all of your enjoyment, Ben’s joke:


What did Ernie say to Bert when asked if he wanted to go get some ice cream?










Sure, Bert. 🙂



The best to you all & Happy Friday!



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