Transformational Handwriting

One of my goals when I started this blog was to inform readers about metaphysical practices I have learned/used so that maybe, just maybe, I could help someone else that might be going through something difficult or who wants to expand their knowledge. This post is about a transformational handwriting practice that I have implemented in my life for the past three years and continue to use; it is amazing! So amazing, that my mom created her own business with the hopes of teaching this to both children and adults all over the world.

“Research shows that cursive handwriting is one of the few ways we are able to stimulate the synchronicity between the brain’s left and right hemisphere, triggering the prefrontal lobe of the brain; our creative center. Therefore, by utilizing Vimala’s Alphabet, individuals are strengthening and exercising their creativity and socialization skills, by connecting hand, heart, and mind. What a gift to the children who live in a world where we are all engaged in so much left-brain activity like Facebook, texting, and tweeting. What a gift to the world!” (Shannon,

Spring of 2013 (my junior year of college) my mom and I decided to take a mother-daughter trip to Mexico for Spring Break (Best. Idea. Everrrr.). While we were there, she mentioned this handwriting program she had come across that she found to be incredible. After reading the story of the creator of this technology, Dr. Vimala Rodgers, and hearing the success my mom was having with it, I wanted to give it a try. I had just gone through a break-up with my long term boyfriend at the time, and I was feeling un-centered and lost in what I wanted in my life.

The handwriting program Dr. Rodgers designed and created is called Transform Your Life through Handwriting. Dr. Vimala Rodgers, an alphabetician, handwriting expert, and zealous pioneer in brain/hand research, has used her extensive background in philosophy, linguistics, mathematics, and her psychology degree from Stanford University to gather 30+ years of research behind her alphabet ( It is the only cursive handwriting program that has ever been specifically designed, and is scientifically proven to build self-esteem and bring forth confidence and creativity in the writer; just by learning the healthy way to form the letters and practicing them daily for 40 consecutive days!

Before I get into more details about this program, I want to say that I have been using the Vimala Alphabet for three years now, and the things that have unfolded in my life have been, and continue to be, AMAZING! I have manifested a job that I love, an amazing boyfriend who now lives in the same state as me & has a job that he loves, physical and mental health beyond my imagination, true friends that I trust and enjoy being around, a cute apartment that I feel comfortable in, a new car, this blog, etc. etc. etc. The pessimists reading this will say, ‘Ok, but is this really from learning and using the alphabet?’ And my answer to that is; try it for yourself 🙂

The jist of this practice is this:

There is a guidebook that Vimala created that explains each letter of the alphabet. With each letter there is a declaration of intent, an affirmation, an explanation of how to form each letter to bring out your highest good, as well as a longer explanation about the spiritual meaning behind each letter. You choose one letter to write every day for 40 days (usually the first letter of your first name or the first letter of your last name to start), and one ‘letter of the day’ each day; so you are doing two letters per day for 40 days consecutively. You start by having your un-lined piece of paper in the horizontal (hamburger) direction, then write the declaration of intent, followed by the affirmation. Next, you write three lines of uppercase and lowercase of that letter. You do this same process for the letter of the day. You then fill the rest of the paper with free writing about whatever you’d like – trying your best to use the letters you’ve chosen often.

‘Claire, this sounds cool, but I still don’t really get it’…

There are SO many details in-between the vague explanation I gave above. The good news is, I know someone that can greatly help you learn this system if you are interested 🙂

My mom, Shannon Poppie, got the opportunity to fly out to California to meet with Vimala, and was guided to create a coaching business surrounding this practice (SO. COOL.). Shannon’s business is called The Choice is Yours. She offers ‘support, tools, and encouragement for anyone who is looking for simple ways to make big changes in life; changes that will free you of self-sabotaging habits and fears, allowing hidden talents and gifts to emerge’ ( Shannon created/wrote a smaller version of the guidebook to go with her presentations; outlining exactly how to implement this program into your life. This smaller version can be purchased at any one of her presentations or coaching sessions with you.

If you are interested in this program at all, please contact my mom, Shannon Poppie. You can check out her website at or the International Institute of Handwriting Studies Website at

This handwriting program is fun, easy, and life changing. When I am engaging in a 40 day cycle, I like to get up early before work to do my letters; it is very meditative. You never know what types of change you are holding back from your own life; how easy to bring these forward with a simple alphabet.




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