‘I Am Enough’

I’m going to be very real and vulnerable with you all for a second – I’ve had a bit of a rough go at it lately! (This is not an easy thing for me to admit, let alone put on the internet).

Despite everything I’ve learned, written about, and preached, the past few months I have resulted to old ways of thinking and being. I’ve found myself wondering; ‘Am I enough?’, ‘Am I a good enough friend/girlfriend?’, ‘Am I fun enough?’, ‘Is my life evolving in the correct way’, ‘Am I happy enough?’, ‘Do I react correctly to situations?’, ‘What do other people think of me?’, etc. While I am not judging myself for having these thoughts, the big question is WHY? Why have I let my power slip away and let the doubtful/fearful ego in?

Well, I know that things in life come up; new situations, new revealing conversations, failures as well as victories, but why the heck would I allow these fears to consume so much of me? So much of me, that I stopped working out (besides the casual walk around my park), slept for 10+ hours a night, and forgot what it felt like to really belly laugh and enjoy myself? … Because I forgot that I am enough.

As much as our ego likes to take everyone else’s opinions, fears, and judgments and mix them with our own opinions, fears, and judgments, it’s realizing and acknowledging what’s going on that will make the biggest difference. After a much needed vacation up north smelling the fresh air and taking in the universe’s beauty, I had an ‘AH-HA’ moment; if I want to be truly happy, I need to know that I am enough, just as I am. This includes leaving all of the negative crap behind and moving forward with love. As much as this sounds like an ‘easier said than done’ method, for the first time in my life, I finally understand how easy this really is.

It is a choice. An easy choice! We all have different things that make our souls sing – why aren’t we doing them?! For fear of ‘FOMO’? (maybe??).  I’ve said it in so many previous posts: what we think about and put energy in to becomes our reality. I’ve been feeling like sh*t, because I’ve allowed all of my thoughts to be about negative, fearful sh*t! DUH! I got caught up in the ego, ‘human world stuff’, and completely forgot about everything I have learned and have talked about with others. As one of my favorite people of all time quotes, “We are not human beings in search of a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings emersed in a human experience.” – Wayne W. Dyer.

As we dive into September next week (which just happens to be my favorite month, and not ONLY because it is my birthday month), I am setting my intention; love. Self-love. Adventure. Spiritual joy. New experiences. Connecting with new soul-filled beings. Being my true self. Letting go of all that no longer serves me. Living in the moment. Fulfilling my soul with whatever it is that makes my heart sing. I am allowing myself the freedom to live my best life; and I encourage you to do the same ❤

What sets your soul on fire? Go do it!!



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